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Seven best pranayama techniques and yoga for glowing skin and hair – Try them!! - Bodhi Yoga Training Academy
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tips for glowing skin

Seven best pranayama techniques and yoga for glowing skin and hair – Try them!!

Skin is the largest organ of the body containing rest all of the organs. It acts as a bag that has all organs nicely supported by skeletal and muscular system and therefore, it gets easily affected if any of the system goes wrong. In order to get a healthy, glowing skin, one needs to keep the entire body healthy. For this, regular practice of yoga for beginners or advanced yoga for the experienced people will give amazing benefits.
Other factors like stress, nutrition-less food, excess pollution and strong temperatures also play a big role in the health of the skin. So, combine all the efforts to create a holistic, healthy environment for the body. For the body, mind and emotional balance, you can do yoga, pranayama and meditation that will show immediate results on skin. Let us know best yoga for healthy skin, practice them for a clean and clear skin.

List of asanas and yoga for glowing skin – must do to bring out that inner shine!


The cross-legged sitting position looks quite simple but, has a profound effect on the body and mind. It calms down the mind, gives it the state to get into meditation also. It is also called a meditative pose as one can easily fall into deep meditation by sitting in this asana. As it relieves stress and brings in equanimity of the mind, this asana improves skin health, which results in a natural glow.

Padahastasana – forward bending pose

This asana is very effective for giving a natural glow to the skin. It not only stretches the spine but also increases blood circulation in the head and neck. By enhancing the flow of blood in head as well as massaging the abdominal muscles, this yoga posture gives a soothing effect on the nervous and digestive system. It is a good yoga posture for acne free skin!

Matsyasana – fish pose brings blood to the crown

This wonderful asana stretches the neck region to stimulate the thyroid gland, which regulates metabolism. It also touches the crown of the head to the floor pushing in blood circulation in the head region. The combined effect of relaxation of the brain cells, proper function of the thyroid gland and good circulation results in giving your face and skin a healthy glow.

Sarvangasana – the queen of asanas

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As the name suggest, this asana works well for all the organs of the body. It is fondly called as the queen of all asanas and is basically a great inversion balanced by the shoulders. This is the most effective yoga posture for glowing skin as it brings in more blood to the head region, regulates thyroid gland and improve overall function of the body.

Halasana – the plough pose that activates various glands in the body

The superb stretch to form a plough like structure from the body, is actually a miracle yoga posture for healthy skin and hair. This asana regulates the thyroid gland to improve metabolism, activates thymus gland to boost immunity, massages suprarenal gland for effective function of kidney and activates pancreas for adequate production of insulin. It serves manifold purposes to give a healthy body and calm mind.

Kapalbhati – for glowing skin and radiant face

Considered as the best pranayama for glowing skin, kapalbhati literally means shining skull. Just like its name this breathing technique increases the lung capacity, improves digestion, relieves constipation and other abdominal disorders. By forceful exhalation, the pranayama releases toxins from the lungs resulting in internal cleansing of the lungs as well as other organs. The inner glow gets visible outside through shiny skin and radiant face.
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Sheetali pranayama

This cooling breathing technique has a soothing effect on all the organs of the body. It reduces heat within the body and is practiced in summers when soaring temperatures create a havoc. By regularly practicing this pranayama, you can gain glowing skin without much effort.

In addition, watch out your food as beautiful skin is directly connected with the intake of nutritious food. If you are eating junk food, you cannot expect a flawless skin. Right food clubbed with exercise and yoga will create the perfect environment for glowing skin. You need to incorporate yoga in your daily life for a balanced lifestyle. Watch the video to know more
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We teach yoga for beginners to help them lead a wholesome life. Apart from a fit body, one also needs an equanimous mind to balance hormone secretion to lead a healthy, happy life. If you want to learn advance asanas then also our expert yoga trainers would prove to be best mentors. For more details, queries and consultation, feel free to contact us here!!