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Check Out Yoga Asanas To Boost Immunity – Must Practice During Covid-19 - Bodhi Yoga Training Academy
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Immunity Boosting yoga

Check out yoga asanas to boost immunity – Must practice during Covid-19

Yoga asanas to boost immunity

Yoga is an ancient Indian science that prepares the body to stay young, healthy and fit to combat any attack of foreign bodies. By incorporating it in daily life, one can boost the body’ defense mechanism to perform at its peak. The popularity of Yoga has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now a days, people are yoga for immunity over medication and practice asanas and pranayamas to keep the body healthy. Today, we will check out some of the most recommended asanas to boost immunity. Expert suggest that they increase immunity, reduce stress and strengthens the body.
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Top five yoga asanas to boost immunity for the pandemic

Setu Bandhasana – bridge pose to open up lungs

This yoga posture works wonders by opening the chest, increase blood circulation in the upper body and enhancing the flow of energy in the body. Very good for boosting energy levels, this asana should be incorporated in daily workout and yoga session especially during pandemic times. Learn from expert yoga teachers to prevent any injury.

Ardha Matsyendrasana – to squeeze out toxins from abdomen

This is a twisting asana that squeezes out and eliminates toxic juices from the body. It stimulates the stomach and nourishes the spine. By creating a healthy nervous system, it releases stress to keep the mind calm. Again, it improves digestive system by removing toxins makes the body susceptible to infections.

Matsyasana – for keeping a cool mind

This is another asana to open up the lungs. It creates the blood flow in the crown, top of the head to relax the brain and nervous system. Regular practice in the right manner works well in reducing the stress to create a happy state of mind. In addition, it increases the lung capacity to oxygenate the body.

Uttanasa – gentle inversion to increase prana

The forward folding asana works best in increasing the flow of blood in the head region. By multiplying the movement of prana in the head and sinus regions, this asana strengthens the mucous membranes. This helps in defending the body from any foreign invasion from the nasal cavity. It also removes congestion to help breathe better and fight any infection or viral attack.
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Vipareet karni for improve lymphatic system

This inverted asana is very good for bringing blood to the head region. It also clears the lymphatic system to boost immunity and prepare the body kind of viral and bacterial attack. It also relaxes the nervous system which keeps the body active and nourished.
There are many more asanas to boost immunity and improve the overall health of the body but, one needs to practice as per their health condition. It is best advisable to practice under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher to guide on an individual basis.
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Bodhi Yoga is one of the most renowned academies that teaches yoga to students on a global platform. We have many centers in India with experienced faculties to impart the essence of Yoga. If you want to learn more on how to build immunity through Yoga then click here and get in touch with us now!!
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