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Must do pre-natal yoga poses to prepare the body for childbirth - Yoga Asanas for Pregnant Women - Bodhi Yoga Training Academy
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Prenatal Yoga

Must do pre-natal yoga poses to prepare the body for childbirth – Yoga Asanas for Pregnant Women

Women are blessed with the boon to bring a life on this planet. They can maintain the sacred process of childbirth only if they are healthy. During pregnancy, ladies go through a lot of physical and hormonal changes which result in mood swings, fatigue, weight gain, morning sickness, backpain, swelling and more. They also become emotionally vulnerable, anxious, restless and fragile during those nine months. It is a time that requires proper attention to keep the body supple and mind relaxed. Yoga serves both these purposes without any hassles. There are various yoga asanas for pregnant women to create a subtle balance in the body and proves effective in calming down the mind.
Yoga poses, pranayama, relaxation techniques and nutrition rich food play a vital role in the health of the pregnant lady. All these factors are pivotal in preparing the woman for normal birth of a healthy child. In many cases, Yoga has proved to resolve complications during pregnancy. In fact, when practiced regularly after child birth, it can bring the body back into shape without any exertion.
Let us check out the best yoga poses for pregnant women. It is advisable that would-be-mothers should practice them only under the guidance of a yoga teacher to avoid any contra indications and issues.

Best Yoga asanas for pregnant women – Practice with an experienced teacher

Tiryak tadasana for lateral stretching of spine

It makes the abdominal muscles strong to support holding the baby and stretches the spine to make it supple and flexible. It gives strength to legs and knees but make sure you don’t overstretch.

Trikonasana for strengthening reproductive system

This extended triangle posture opens the chest and shoulder, strengthens pelvic area and reproductive system. It ensures proper digestion to prevent gastric issues which is again common in pregnant women. It makes the groin, hamstrings, calves strong as well as builds stamina, balance and focus.

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Veer Bhadrasana for balance and stamina

The warrior pose stretches the thighs, strengthens the shoulder, belly and groin. It is very good for lower back which often pains due to an increase in belly size. Also, balances the body and improves emotional stability. It is advisable to maintain balance in this asana and stretch only as much as you can. This is one of the best yoga asanas for pregnant women.

Marjariasana for flexible spine, neck and shoulders

By stretching the neck and spine, it removes any stiffness in these areas. This asana is very good for supporting abdominal organs and improves blood flow in reproductive organs. It proves rejuvenating for the pregnant lady and can be done with the support of cushions and bolsters. By making the spine flexible, it relieves back pain during pregnancy.

Baddhakonasana or butterfly for strong pelvic area

This yoga pose for pregnancy benefits the expecting mother by stretching the thighs and legs to relieve swelling in ankles and pain in knees. It prevents tiredness and fatigue by balancing the blood pressure. It opens the hip and groin region so that the lady can sit comfortably even with a big belly. If practiced regularly it helps in normal delivery.

Viparita Karni or raised leg position

Although, it seems difficult, it works wonders for an expecting mother so, better do it with a yoga teacher. It relaxes the lower back muscles to eliminate any pain in this area. The yoga posture for pregnancy actually increases the flow of blood in pelvic area to rejuvenate those muscles.
It is best yoga posture to reduce swelling of legs and minimizes chances of varicose veins, which is experienced by many ladies during pregnancy.

Shavasana for total relaxation

This asana is very good for complete relaxation of the body. It relaxes the spine and calms down the emotions. It is best for healing damaged cells to heal the entire body. By creating a stress-free mind and body, this asana gives total comfort to the pregnant lady. Always include this asana in the sequence of yoga poses for pregnant women.
Also, do Yoga Nidra to relieve anxiety, stress and fatigue.

Nadi Shodhana pranayama

This breathing technique increases the flow of prana in the body, it nourishes the baby by maintaining good body temperature. Easy to do, this pranayama for pregnancy can be practiced during all nine months. It relaxes the mind, oxygenates the body and keeps the expecting mother calm.

Bhramari pranayama

This pranayama creates vibrations in the head region to soothe the entire nervous system. It is beneficial for regulating blood pressure and reduces symptoms of morning sickness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting sensations.
Yoga experts suggest the practice of selective asanas during a particular time of pregnancy. Ladies can do standing asanas during the first trimester with the support of wall, wherever needed. Practice more pranayamas during second trimester and avoid long term holding of asanas as it may result in tiredness.
In addition, it is advisable to completely avoid yoga asanas between tenth and fourteenth week of conceiving. Inversions are definitely not suggested and guided asanas can be done with the support of cushions, bolsters, blocks or with human support.
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To know more about how yoga can help during pregnancy or the role of Ayurveda before, during and after pregnancy, contact the Bodhi Yoga Team. We can also guide you on yogic diet for pregnancy and more. For queries, admissions and consultation, we are just a phone call away. Reach out to us here!!
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