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Check List To Follow For Teaching Online Yoga Classes – Must Read! - Bodhi Yoga Training Academy
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online yoga classes

Check list to follow for teaching online Yoga classes – Must Read!

It’s time to go digital, be it any industry or organization, the challenging pandemic times have called for the use of technology. We need to take the support of technology and tools to carry our business forward. Whether it is an education in school or Yoga classes, now things are preferred online over the in-person approach of the past. In fact, it is safe, secure and highly scalable. With the use of best platforms for teaching Yoga online, teachers of this ancient Indian science can actually reach out to the whole world. They can touch upon every corner of the world to spread the wisdom of Maharishi Patanjali and many other Indian sages.
Today, we will check how technology can simplify and fasten up the spread of this ancient knowledge on a global level. We will see through the best way to teach Yoga online, its advantages and repercussions. Well, the pandemic has created a deadlock situation which compels each and everyone to depend on technology for their personal and professional commitments. Yoga teachers are no exceptions and they need to be prepared to conduct online yoga classes to make sure that their students don’t suffer. Although it may seem unusual in the beginning, it is actually a blessing in disguise. Digitization has skyrocketed the online yoga business to another level. Let us check some tried and tested tips for a better understanding of digital Yoga business.

Pro tips for teaching online Yoga classes – big learning for Yoga trainers!

Combine efficient tools and technology!

Well, this is the first step. You need to gather the right tools and technology to go digital. Your online Yoga sessions should be as good as the classroom sessions. Otherwise, the retention of students would be difficult. For this, you need to research and find the best tools that would come to your aid. Firstly, you need a good tripod stand that can hold your mobile phone in various positions to create a live session. Make sure that it should be flexible enough to be kept on the floor or can be adjusted on a table or hung on a stand. It may seem like a small tip but it can create wonders for you. Check this video for more clarity.
Another important technology is the video conferencing app, which can be either zoom, Jio Meet or Google Meet, as per your convenience. Make sure that you have a strong internet connection otherwise, the fluctuations in the internet will disturb the live session and dissolve its purpose. If you have many students then choose an app that gives a higher number of connections. A word of advice is to buy the paid version of the meeting app for the uninterrupted service. Apart from the equipment for teaching yoga online, you need good lighting, sound quality and clean space for creating a good ambience. These are your first-hand preparations for effective online sessions.

Be prepared with the daily asana sequence! – the best tip for online Yoga classes

Now, this is your domain as a Yoga teacher and should not be compromised for online Yoga classes. Preparation is the most important area to polish before going live. Just like the classroom sessions, the teacher needs to be ready with the asana sequence, pranayama techniques and meditation instructions. Make sure that you don’t lose out on these grounds. Be ready with a well-aligned mat, music if needed and timer for creating a crisp session. It would help if you show the image of the asana first so that the students have an idea of the final posture. In addition, do the first-hand check of your sound instruments like earphones, laptop or mobile sound.
Check out this video for better understanding

Keep tech support for uninterrupted flow

This is another important consideration while teaching online Yoga classes. Remember, you won’t be able to juggle between a live teaching session and correcting technical errors. For this, it is advisable to keep a specific person who is well-versed with the tools and technology to help any student facing any difficulty. There are chances of many runtime issues which may need immediate attention so, always have one person to manage the technical side.

Sharpen your observation skills

Another skill which you need to develop as an online Yoga trainer is to deepen your observation. This is important as one can easily gauge the participant’s condition in classroom sessions but, it may not be an easy task while conducting a live Yoga session on zoom or other apps. For this, you can take the help of other trainer friends who can just observe the students. It is advisable that you have at least two more trainers to observe the students and help you correct their postures. They would be your best support to encourage the students as well. Therefore, the best way to teach yoga online is to work in a team. There could be three to five yoga trainers in a team depending on the number of students and the size of the batch.

Teach your heart out and witness the transformation!

Once you are done with the technicalities and team-building side, you need to just be yourself and teach your heart out. Remember, the best one of the online yoga tips is to be established in the self-practice of this path. Lack of practice would show up even on the screen so, make sure that you are doing your Yoga sadhana regularly. In addition, be gentle in your tone as voice modulation works wonders if you teach yoga online jobs. Your personality will make or break the game so, polish your asanas, communication skills, voice modulation and presentation skills. Don’t worry, even if something goes wrong to be okay with it. There are chances of spontaneous challenges but, your confidence, enthusiasm and calm mindset are enough to handle everything. Finally, just keep a genuine, gentle smile on your face and teach like the best Yoga teacher ever possible.
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With these tried and tested tips for teaching online yoga classes, we are sure that you would rock. The idea is to enjoy the sessions, give your best and witness the transformation in the students. Be supportive yet prudent in establishing the value of yoga practice in them. This would help you create a healthier, productive and stress-free world. If you need any help or support then the Bodhi Yoga team is available for you. Reach out to us for any kind of support for an online yoga business. We are accessible anytime for the spread of Yoga.
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