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The secrets of Weight Loss from a Yogi - Bodhi Yoga Training Academy
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secrets of weight loss

The secrets of Weight Loss from a Yogi

During the pandemic, all of us have been struck with the walls of our home. Being contained within our homes is like no physical exercise, boredom, or any outdoor activity. Laziness has been dominating us for the past few months. Jobs were consolidated and confined to work from home. The best friend around us is just-food and thoughts about weight loss.
And Zomato has released a survey of its orders that the number of orders for Biryani has increased by 500000 times during the lockdown. So the result of all this is a Tummy that you hate and a weight that awestruck you. We all know various techniques to lose weight and maintain a great body but being motivated to do so, is sometimes not out virtue.
So for those people with fat tummy’s and great desires over a sexy body, I suggest very easy and healthy tips that make your dream come true. Yes, you can be the slim personality that everyone gets inspired by.
There are few things to note to get a handsome and sexy figure in your dress. The list goes down as follows:

  1. Eat everything you love
  2. No weight lifting
  3. Breath properly
  4. Follow the basic principles of sitting, standing, and walking.
  5. Drink a lot of water

These are the five rules to lose weight and gain confidence.

Eat everything you love

Yes, you can eat everything you love and never sacrifice your food to lose weight. But, while eating never forget this. 
Have your breakfast early in the morning. Try to finish your breakfast by 8 AM, that helps you maintain a healthy habit of waking up early and having a good diet timing. 
Don’t think twice to drink plenty of water (warm water increases the metabolism thus helping burn more fat). Another note is to eat at the respective time. lunch at 1 PM. Evening snacks at 5 PM. Finish your dinner at 8:30 PM.
These habits make your organs active and eating timely helps to digest food in a certain way to get the most required nutrients at the best times in the day.
Chewing the food properly helps in quick digestion, thus reducing the energy required to digest the same amount of food. 
While eating these things are to be followed strictly and never mind what food you eat. 
Weight Loss Challenge

No weight lifting

Yes, what you heard is true. Never go for heavyweights to lose your body weight. Your body is you, and you have to take care of it in every way possible. If you ever feel like an exercise is necessary to reduce weight faster, go for Cardio exercises and Yoga. These two are best fit to maintain your health. 
Cardio helps in strengthening your code and muscles. It stretches your muscles and helps blood to flow evenly throughout the body. Cardio helps in increasing metabolism to burn more fat and maintain body heat. It helps in more sweating thus impounds a regular physical activity on your muscles by keeping them healthier and stronger.
Yoga is the answer to all questions and health disorders. Whether it is mental or physical, you find a remedy through Yoga. It helps in maintaining great health just by practising it for a few minutes daily. Yes, I said a FEW MINUTES daily and NOT HOURS. Why everyone can’t practise yoga? 

“Weight lifting for weight loss may not be a better idea”, says experts.


Breath Properly

Breath is to sustain life. We breathe unconsciously. So do it in a perfect way that leads to detoxification, weight loss, concentration, stress release, boost immunity and many more.
If you want to clean your lungs
You may ask, HOW?
A proper breath has a wide number of benefits. To have a proper breath and controlling breath is known as Pranayama. It is not a secret but we never practise how to breathe. I suggest you a video on how to practise Pranayama.

  1. Sit erect with your backbone straight. 
  2. Standing with weight on both the legs.
  3. Walk naturally and casually without stress. Sometimes practise brisk walk to burn a few calories.
  4. Sit on the floor to have food.
  5. Eat completely by chewing your food

These are some basic tips to have a healthy, small but effective practises for weight loss.

Drink a looooooot of water

Water is the major necessity of life for sustenance. Air, water and food are the basic requirements for any organism to sustain. Drinking water at certain times in a day boosts metabolism. This is no secret but we might have forgotten.

  1. Early morning after wakeup, drink 2 glasses of water to activate internal organs.
  2. Drink a glass of water, 30 minutes before a meal, to help digestion of food.
  3. Have one glass of water before taking bath to help lower blood pressure.
  4. Take two glasses of water before sleep to help avoid a heart attack or stroke.
  5. While eating drink very less water
  6. Don’t drink water in a hurry. 

A few tips for drinking water to help you with good health and weight loss.
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These tips are suggested by people who had seen changes in their body just by following these tips.