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Yoga and pranayama to boost immunity – Must do during pandemic - Bodhi Yoga Training Academy
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Yoga and pranayama to boost immunity – Must do during pandemic

Yoga has come to the rescue for many things including fitness, injuries, aging, diseases, emotional imbalance and more. However, the call of the moment is to practice Yoga and pranayama to boost immunity as the best way to face the pandemic is to prepare our body’s defense system. If you are a regular practitioner of Yoga then you can build immunity to face any viruses. This is the ultimate solution to deal with the present Corona situation and be prepared for any unwelcome threats to the body.
There are many positive effects of yoga on immune system, it empowers our body’s killer cells to fight bacterial and viral infection. In addition, our body remembers the structure of the virus to be prepared for any kind of repeat attack. Consistent practice of yoga helps in regulating this process, fasten it without any external stimulant or medication. Let us check few breathing techniques that help in increasing immunity levels.

Top five yoga and pranayamas to boost immunity

Yogic breathing

Considered as the best way to breath, this technique helps to expand the lung capacity. It cleanses the area from throat to navel, giving one an instant boost of health. It revitalizes the cells in the body to fight any kind of foreign invasion. Very powerful for general wellbeing and a must for Yoga practitioners, this technique should be included in daily yoga and workout routine. Practice Yogic breathing for at least five minutes a day.

Bhastrika Pranayama – the bellow breath

Often termed as instant energy pranayama, Bhastrika is a boon for the pandemic times. Anyone who practices it regularly gets an instant dose of energy and feels relaxation of the mind. It activates and energizes the cells of the lungs, diaphragm and abdomen. It works wonders for the sinus, which contains mucous, the first defending layer of the body. Practice it under the guidance of a yoga teacher to avoid any contra indications.

Nadi Shodhana pranayama for immunity

The alternate nostril pranayama is the best pranayama to boost immunity. Nadi means the nerve channels in the body and shodhana literally means purification. Therefore, this technique uses the alteration of the breath to cleanse the various physical and psychic channels of the body. By keeping the network of nerves clean and healthy, it creates a good line of defense to face any viral attacks. It can be practiced by anybody but best way is to follow the guidelines of an experienced yoga teacher. You can start doing this for five minutes and increase up to half an hour and even more.

Ujjayi Pranayama – the victory breath

This breathing technique is very good for improving the defense system of the body. In this method, you need to breath from the back of the throat to cleanse the entire passage around the throat. Very powerful for relaxing the mind and bring down the stress, this pranayama to boost immunity is recommended for one and all. According to experts, stress reduces immunity by 50%, which means it weakens the defense mechanism of your body to make it vulnerable to infections and diseases. Therefore, practice Ujjayi to create a calm mind to face any adverse situations, be it physical or psychic. Start with five minutes and increase up to fifteen minutes a day.

Kapalbhati pranayama – for instant cleansing of lungs

The highly energizing pranayama is a form of cleansing technique that purifies every cell of the lungs. By clearing any impediments in the lungs and thoracic region, this pranayama boosts immunity like nothing else. It also strengthens the digestive system by releasing toxins from the body. By eliminating the toxic gases and noxious juices, this pranayama gives manifold benefits to improve the overall health. Not to be practiced by BP and heart patients, this technique should be done only under the guidance of a Yoga teacher.
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We will discuss the best yoga asanas and pranayama to boost immunity in the next post. For more details, keep reading this space, we will keep sharing more information about the best yoga practices to follow during Covid. You can also join our workshops which we have designed specially for the pandemic times.
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