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Level -1 Mudra Therapy Online Course - Bodhi Yoga Training Academy
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Mudra Therapy Certification

Mudra Therapy Online Certification

Teach the powerful art of creating vital energy flow through subtle hand gestures!

Mudra Therapy Online Course at Bodhi Yoga

Mudra Therapy Online Course

Our Mudra Therapy Online Course is designed to train to learn simple doable Yogic Technique; a specific set of practical Yoga Mudras practice with Holistic benefits

Mudra is a Sanskrit term meaning hand gesture. In Ayurveda, the human body is considered to be made up of five elements that are represented by each finger. The power of these elements can be tapped through the fingertips of both hands. The ancient Indian sages discovered that by joining different fingertips to form certain hand gestures, we can actually accelerate or diminish energy flow in a particular area of the body. This technique has many healing benefits and can be done by anybody, young or old, healthy or sick.

At Bodhi School of Yoga, we offer this wonderful program to students who believe in the power of prana or vital life force. Our team of expert Mudra Vigyan teachers ensure that students get the best of knowledge about directing energy flow, its benefits and the use of various yogic mudras to get optimized healing effects.

Students of Mudra Certification program will learn the supreme science of directing energy flow through delicate hand gestures. We teach Mudras as per Yoga to balance the prana and Mudras as per Ayurveda to balance the tridoshas.

If you are a Yoga practitioner, Ayurveda healthcare consultant, healer or believer in the holistic practice of Ayurveda then this course would work wonders for you. With this, you can become a licensed teacher of Mudra Vigyan and spread this knowledge in your part of the world. The program will help you recommend specific mudras to get rid of common ailments like Migraine, headaches of all kinds, joint pains, digestive disorders along with minimizing painful conditions in chronic diseases.

Mudra Therapy Online Course – Curriculum

Course Curriculum
  • Mudras according to the principles of Yoga
  • Mudras according to the principles of Ayurveda
  • Benefits of Mudras
  • Identifying Mudras for common and chronic diseases
  • Mudras for Healing
  • Various breath patterns to maximize the effect of mudras
  • Students above the age of 15
  • Anyone interested in Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Believers in self-energy and its power
  • Become certified Mudra Vigyan teachers
  • To spread the knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Get a satisfying career
  • Play a pivotal role in creating a healthy world
  • Support in natural healing without side effects
  • Unleash self-potential and help others

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Trainer expertise for Mudra Therapy Certification

Ashok Vankineni


Sri Ram

Being a yoga practitioner, I wanted to dive into Mudras and their benefits. Learned it at Bodhi, discovered that Yoga and Ayurveda are so much more than asanas. This ancient science is worth learning for all generations of mankind. I am proud to learn it and strongly recommend it to all. Don’t miss it!

Sripriya Iyyer

I met an Indian yogi who told me the importance of hand gestures and their healing effects. Stumbled upon this website and got to know about this course. Registered and found there is new world of healing that works on my fingertips. Bodhi teachers are experts in teaching and I recommend this course to all.

Johnson Goodenough

I was always fascinated by the Indian science of healing and yoga. To know more, I joined this course and found it is so deep. I mean we can heal just by the use of our finger tips and breath. It was amazing and I am really grateful to the teachers for it. Now I am returning to my country with powerful healing ability, so so happy about it!

Patricia Lombard

The certificate will be delivered only after successful completion and assessment of theory and practical classes of the mudra therapy course. It authorizes the receiver to teach the art of self-healing through subtle hand gestures. The Mudra therapist would be able to recommend hand gestures to people who suffer from imbalances of tridoshas in the body. They will be able to teach Mudras based on yoga, Mudras based on Ayurveda and their combinations. They can teach Mudras that work specifically on diseases or general hand gestures that give overall health benefits. Through Mudras they can rejuvenate a diseased person into a fit, dynamic, happy personality.