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Interantional Yoga Teacher Training Institute in Hyderabad teaching and transforming thousands of lives.
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Rockdale Compound, Khairatabad, Hyderabad, India

Online Courses - Bodhi Yoga Training Academy
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Ayurveda Certification Course

Our certification course empowers you to become an expert Ayurveda consultant and teach the ancient science of longevity, healthy living and mindfulness. We teach core concepts with practical knowledge of Ayurveda lifestyle.

Mudra Therapy Certification

Get certified to teach powerful Yogic hand gestures that cures common imbalances in the body and even heals chronic diseases. Mudra Certification program teaches the science of knowing and practicing Mudras based on Yoga and Ayurveda.

Therapeutic Yoga Certification

Become a certified Yoga therapist who plays a supportive role in treating age related health issues and helps recover people from injuries as well as chronic diseases. You would be able to teach restorative Yoga poses to heal the body.

Weight Loss Certification Program

Lose those extra pounds and achieve the pinnacle of fitness with our well-designed weight loss program. The program focuses on teaching the correct lifestyle, Yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation for weight loss and management.

Yoga Teacher Training Certification - YTT 100

Become a certified Yoga practitioner who aims at becoming a Yoga teacher in the future. Learn extensive Yoga postures, pranayama, mantra chanting, cleansing technique and meditation to deepen your self-practice of Yoga. The 100 hours YTT is the foundation for 200 hours teacher training program.

International Yoga Certification - RYT 200

Become a Yoga Alliance certified teacher with in-depth knowledge of the powerful practice of Yogasanas, pranayama, mantras, Yogic diet & nutrition, basic Ayurveda and relaxing meditations to create a healthy, stress-free and productive world.

International Yoga Certification - RYT 300

Get certified by Yoga Alliance to teach advance Yoga postures, extensive pranayama, meta physical meditations, adaptive Yogasanas, Shat Kriya, ancient mantras and holistic lifestyle techniques to Yoga enthusiasts across the globe.

Pilates Certification - RYT 300

Our specialized program on teaching classical and contemporary Pilates forms the foundation to become fitness experts. Once trained the Pilates instructors can start taking their own classes or choose fitness entrepreneurship to build a flourishing business in the health sector.

Pre & Post Natal Certification Course

Become a certified fitness specialist to guide Moms-to-be and new Moms to take complete care of their health. Teach them ancient asanas, pranayama, mantras and meditations to achieve not only a fit body but a peaceful mind. As it requires diligent care and safety of the baby and Mom, the program is designed only for experienced fitness trainers.

How to conduct online Yoga Classes

Our specialized program teaches you the technical aspects, practical nuances, business strategies plus the issues and solutions of teaching Yoga online. All Yoga teachers can become experts in starting their online Yoga classes and teaching students from across the globe.

The branch of Yoga that focuses more on physical postures to create a fit body. Ancient scriptures say that Hatha yoga follows all eight limbs of Yoga but, modern-day yogis stress more on the asanas with little or no attention on the rest of the limbs.

Initiates the path of discipline and self-control

Builds core strength and body flexibility

Balances the body

Improves immune system and ignites healing

Reduces depressive tendencies

This is a western form of Yoga with base of Ashtanga and Vinyasa style Yoga but, incorporates rigorous asanas in different order. In this practice the emphasis is more on enhancing flexibility and improving muscle strength. It is practiced more in gyms and became popular in mid 90s.

Improves stamina and endurance

Aids in quick weight loss

Boosts energy levels resulting in good mental health

Builds and tones muscles with advanced movements

Gives complete body workout

The practice which focuses on eight limbs of Yoga as suggested by Maharishi Patanjali in Yoga Sutras. By following the eight limbs, this practice purifies the body and mind to make one realize one’s true potential as a Yogi.

Enhances flexibility of body and mind

Reduces stress and anxiety

Creates a harmonious and peaceful mind

Improves clarity of mind

Gives complete wellness of the being

This form of Yoga practice connects one asana to another in the form of a string to create a smooth flow. The asanas are paired with the breath and transition happens in accordance with the flow of breath.

Creates awareness about breathing patterns

Enhances flexibility and muscle strength

Gives cardiovascular workout

Results in quick weight loss

Gives relief from stress

Developed by Joseph Pilates in early twentieth century, this form of exercise originated in Western side of the globe. It includes practice on the mat and machine with or without the use of strings and straps.

Tones abdominal and core muscles

Provides muscular control of back and limbs

Improves Posture

Results in body balancing

Lengthens the body muscles