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7 Dangerous Food Mistakes You Need To Stop Immediately - Bodhi Yoga Training Academy
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dangerous foods

7 Dangerous Food Mistakes you need to stop immediately

Anything beyond its accepted limit is poison. May it the medicine or a healthy snack. The mistakes are simple. The consequences are very dangerous. Irony is, we take it as a modern way of living.

  1. Salads with meal: eating cooked and raw vegetables together is a poisonous combination. It produces gas in stomach and many toxins, due to fermentation of raw vegetables.
    Having raw vegetables or fruits – one hour before or one hour after the meal is alright.
  2. Non-veg and curd is very unhealthy combination. For south Indians, especially Andhra and Telangana people, without curd, the meal is not complete.
    Due to rise in nonveg eating, and curd as usual, diabetics are highest in these two states. 4 out of 10 are taking medicines. 3 are yet to know they are having diabetes.
  3. Spicy food and curd is also unhealthy combination, as above.
  4. Eating without sufficient gap: our traditional habit is three square meals a day. But todays practice / dieticians advise is eight small meals a day; eating at every two hours. But how much small?
    If you are eating when you are not hungry, it produces ama (free radicals, oxidents and other toxins), which will result in auto immune disorder, jamming the joints with toxins etc.
    Consider the following for less harm.
    a. Fistful of soaked nuts / sprouts / soaked dry fruits, or honey and lime juice with luke warm water, before 6:30 AM
    b. Moderate breakfast at 8:30 AM
    c. Fruits / Salads / cocoanut water at 12:00 Noon
    d. Good Lunch at 1:30 PM
    e. Herbal tea with sprouted-ragi biscuits or ragi malt if you are hungry (otherwise only herbal tea) at 5:30 PM
    f. Light dinner at 7:30 PM
    g. Milk at 10:00 PM
  5. Sticky foods: Maida, refined / processed foods, junk foods are very sticky. They stick to the large intestine for long time, producing the toxins which get absorbed by the body. Result: filling the body with more toxins and blocking the way for flushing of metabolic waste.
  6. Late night dinner: the digestive system can’t be fully active while we are sleeping, hence can not complete the task in the night. Bacteria in the gut thrive on the food, and by morning, except fats, other material is eaten by them, leaving lot of foul residues / by-products in the gut. As the digestive system is semi active, lungs and heart can not get sufficient relaxation during the sleep. It is tiring them day by day.
  7. Impotent food grains: major part of our food is wheat or rice. They are now genetically modified and can not be used as seeds for next crop. (Terminator seeds). These grains can terminate our reproduction capacity in the long run. (Already infertility problem was observed in cows which are fed with genetically modified cotton seeds). Switch over to naturally grown local varieties.